Top 10 Keto Beginner Tips For Women – That You Must Know

Top 10 Keto For Women Beginner Tips

You are about to discover the top 10 keto beginner tips that will help you get the success you deserve on the keto diet.

Successfully changing your diet to keto isn’t easy. So as a beginner, you need to arm yourself with the right information. You should know what to eat and what to eliminate from your diet plan. It’s also important to consider lifestyle characteristics. To ensure that you successfully implement and utilize this type of diet plan, below are the top 10 keto beginner tips that I find useful.


1. Understand the Keto Diet 

top 10 keto beginner tips basics

When it comes to the ketogenic diet, calories significantly matter. You have to be ready to eat fewer calories and from specific food sources. The key to burning excess body fat and promoting weight loss depends on a calorie deficit. 

The Keto diet helps you ensure that you eat fewer carbs, moderate protein, and high-fat content. This means that more than 60% of the calories should come from good quality of unprocessed fat. On the other hand, almost 30% of calories should come from protein, while the remaining 10% should come from carbs. 

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But how can you effectively create such a diet plan? Well, the best way is to create a principle that you can follow. You should eat fiber-rich and protein-dense foods for a satiating effect. This helps to prevent unnecessary food cravings that can lead to weight gain. 

Besides that, your aim should be to eliminate calorie-dense and processed foods. Because they also lead to weight gain. Under these two principles, the keto diet’s primary goal is to induce a state of ketosis. This way, your body will end up relying on the stored fat cells for energy instead of the usual glucose that comes from carbohydrates.


2. Consider Which Macro-Nutrient Intake You Need

top 10 keto beginner tips which macro nutrient intake you need

The keto diet’s goal is to ensure that you eat more carbs, of course, more than 60%. However, it should be understood that everyone has a unique metabolism. This means that we don’t respond to similar things in a streamlined manner. 

While some people find the general guideline of consuming around 20g of carbs daily effective, this doesn’t work for everyone. Besides that, such a strategy might work initially, but you may end up with unwanted side effects such as fatigue or even binge eating in the long run. 

There are different guidelines for various types of macronutrients. As a beginner, you need to implement this to find the exact amount of protein, carbs, and fat to support your body efficiently. This way, you will be able to build the appropriate macros that suit your needs effectively. There are four main types of macronutrient guidelines, and they include: 

I.The standard ketogenic diet:

Its macronutrient ratio includes 5-10% carbs, 15-20% protein, and 75% fat.

II.The Targeted Keto Diet:

It has a macronutrient ratio of 10-15% carbs, 20% protein, and 65-70 fat. It’s trendy among active individuals and athletes who need more carbs but still want to maintain the keto lifestyle.

III.Cyclical keto diet:

its macronutrient ratio includes 5-10% carbs, 15-20% protein, and 75% fat during keto days. The dieter should consume 50% carbs, 25% protein, and 25% fat during off keto days. The cyclical keto diet is just like its name. The dieter needs to create a plan that allows them to cycle in and out of the diet.

So, they have days where they enjoy more carbs. This type of keto usually features five days on the ketogenic diet and then two off days.

IV.High-Protein Keto Diet:

You need to eat more than 120g of protein daily. Its macronutrient ratio includes 5-10% carbs, 30% protein, and 60-65% fat.

Now, that you’ve decided on one of the four macronutrients, itæs time for Top 10 Keto Beginner Tips #3…


3. Stock Your Fridge and Pantry 

top 10 keto beginner tips stock you pantry

You are going to consume lots of different food varieties. You don’t want to be caught off-guard without proteins or healthy fats. This would interfere with the state of ketosis, and you will probably have to restart again. Some of the foodstuffs that should fill your fridge include:


  • Low-carb vegetables and leafy greens such as cauliflower, zucchini, kale, spinach, and lettuce.
  • Low-carb fruits like coconuts and raspberries
  • Healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocado, and butter.
  • Poultry, eggs, and full-fat dairy products such as heavy cream, cheese, turkey, and chicken
  • Seafood varieties like fish and shellfish


Don’t forget that herbs and seeds are still essential staples. So, make sure you stock it with healthy sources. Some of the food varieties that you can keep here include:


  • Low-carb flours such as flaxseed meal, flour, and coconut flour
  • Nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, and almonds
  • Sugar-free-sweeteners like allulose, monk fruit, and erythritol
  • Low-carb condiments such as mustard and hot sauce
  • Sugar-free beverages including the likes of tea, coffee, and of course water


Note: you can also add keto-friendly supplements to your diet regimen. There are so many supplements in the market that can help you kickstart or maintain ketosis. Just make sure that you check the product label to verify the ingredients if they are keto-friendly.


4. Check Out for Hidden Carbs 

top 10 keto beginner tips check out hidden carbs

One clear thing is that carbs are basically everywhere. From supplements to those sweet drinks you love to take occasionally. It’s what a lot of people love to feast on. However, a high-carb intake and the ketogenic diet don’t mix. To effectively check for hidden carbs:


  • Track your carb intake: get an app that can help you monitor the number of carbs you consume per meal.
  • Identify appropriate keto snacks: they should be low-carb and nutrient-dense snacks to ensure that you stay healthy,
  • Check the product label: labels usually highlight the key components of ingredients. Don’t assume that you know.


5. Avoid Low-Nutrient Foods 

 avoid low nutrient foods

As much as you need to reduce your carb intake dramatically, you shouldn’t subject yourself to “dirty” keto foods with low nutrients. This usually includes food varieties with low nutrient intake, like processed cheeses and meats. 

Your aim should be to stay healthy while still reducing your daily carb intake. So, you should go for healthy, nutrient-dense foods that can support your immune system. Consume them in small amounts to ensure that you are within the appropriate keto guidelines that suit your body.

Ok, halfway there! Are you ready for the rest of the Top 10 Keto Beginner Tips… let’s go:


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6. Stay Hydrated 

keto diet beginner tips stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is one of the top 10 keto beginner tips that you shouldn’t ignore. Water should be an essential part of your diet. The best thing about water is that it doesn’t have calories, so you can have it as much as you like. One thing that’s clear during the ketosis transition is that your body needs to be hydrated. 

Well, the transition process means that the body ends up utilizing more glycogen stores. As a result, the stored glucose will also be flushed out of the body with it. That’s why the rate of urination at this point usually increases. This usually happens as a result of the diuretic effect. 

To replace the essential electrolytes lost through urination, you need to ensure that you are well-hydrated, especially during the first few weeks. This is when your body is trying to adapt to the new diet changes, and the impact can result in unwanted side effects. 

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For instance, loss of excess water and electrolytes can lead to muscle aches and aches. In fact, these two are usually considered the main symptoms of the keto flu. In addition to that, you may feel fatigued, which may significantly reduce your productivity during the day. 

To ensure that you are still productive and energetic, drink plenty of water. Your goal should be to take at least drink eight glasses of water. You can replace the lost electrolytes by consuming a targeted type of mineral supplement that’s keto-friendly. Alternatively, you can increase the level of electrolytes by adding sea salt to your water.


7. Consider Taking Exogenous Ketones 

Consider Taking Exogenous Ketones 

Like I have stated above, the transition process is usually the most challenging. You are definitely used to consuming foods with a low number of carbs, but you need to reduce it drastically. On the other hand, you now have to consume more fats, which your body might first find strange. 

To help you transition smoothly into ketosis, you should incorporate exogenous supplemental ketones into your diet. Even when your glycogen stores are still high, this supplement can quickly raise the ketones level in your body. 

One benefit of exogenous ketones is that any beginner will find it easy to use. It also enhances how the body adapts to using ketones. Generally, exogenous ketones are designed to help train the body to use ketones as energy sources instead of carbohydrates. 

In case you are unsure what type of ketones to use, Heta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB is the most popular and effective type. Using the supplement guarantees you the likelihood to quickly get into ketosis. Lastly, there are also meager chances that you will suffer from the keto flu by using it.


8. Slowly Ease Yourself Into the Keto Diet 

Slowly Ease Yourself Into the Keto Diet 

Going cold turkey can result in serious health complications. Your body will get into shock, and the keto flu symptoms may be too severe. As a beginner, it’s always advisable to gradually change your diet. You are definitely coming from eating lots of sugar and carbs daily. You need to have a plan that allows you to transition into the new diet plan slowly. 

But how can you effectively ease yourself into the ketogenic diet? Well, here are some of the few things that I find useful: 

  • Step-wise elimination of food varieties: for instance, if you used to take 3 cups of sugar-rich drinks daily, you can start by just taking one per day. Go ahead and reduce your intake of complex carbs as well as starchy veggies by a half. This way, your body will have more time to adapt to the new changes.
  • Listen to your body: even with the gradual process, ensure that you listen to your body and how it responds to the new changes. In case you have eaten, and you’re still not satisfied, try and drink some water. If you are not satisfied, you can go ahead and take a water-packed snack such as pickles. This way, you will plan your diet according to the needs of your body.


9. Make Sure that You Move 


Movement is essential, especially during the transition process. As a beginner, the introduction of the keto flu symptoms may be something that you are not ready to deal with. The low energy levels, muscle aches, as well as headaches, may tempt you to lie low. 

Well, you will definitely experience this during the first few weeks. However, this is the best time to keep your body active. A light exercise can help to enhance the transition into a state of ketosis. This is because movement and activities enhance the burning of glycogen stores. 

So, you can engage in walking exercises and swimming. Alternatively, yoga is also useful as it facilitates blood movement but minus the energy drain that comes with activities. Note that once you are sure that your body is into ketosis, you can now engage in moderate-intensity exercises


10. The final & Last Keto Top 10 keto beginner tip… Get Adequate Sleep:


keto diet tips get sleep

If you want to maintain your wellness goals, then you must get sufficient sleep. Generally, research studies indicate that poor sleep patterns usually lead to low productivity. This is due to hormonal imbalance, making it hard for you to meet your goals. If you want to enjoy the quality and lasting sleep:


  • Make sure that you have clean beddings that are warm enough.
  • Sleep in a room that’s completely dark
  • Stay away from all screens at least one hour before you go to bed.
  • Have a consistent sleep-wake routine. This helps to create a healthy cycle that your body can naturally adhere to.
  • Ensure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.



The above top 10 keto beginner tips can effectively help any newbie to induce the state of ketosis. To my understanding, keto’s effectiveness depends on the diet, your willingness to be disciplined, and the ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are serious about the keto diet, it will only take a few weeks for you to start seeing noticeable results. However, make sure that you implement a keto diet plan that suits your specific health needs. 



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