Keto For Women Over 40 – Top 13 Tips For Success

Keto For Women Over 40

If you are considering Keto for women over 40, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to succeed. -PLUS 13 other Need to Know tips for success! But first…

Our body will always react to the stuff around us, but the most significant change it goes through is aging. Time going by combined with the stuff we consume is significantly impacting our health and our lives in general.

As time passes, we become stiffer and stiffer and we have a lot less energy. Both males and females experience these changes but in different ways.

Are you a female? Then this is the text for you. Then again, if you are a male who simply wants to learn more about the other gender, you’re in the right place too. However, women sometimes experience these changes more abruptly and are naturally prone to overreact and panic.

So, that’s why it’s important to know what you are putting in foodwise, especially when you’re middle-aged.

Now, I’m not here to tell you about some top-secret diet that will make you immortal. Trust me, I’ve seen these “diets” in the past. But this is an excellent little article about how you or someone you care about can fix the current state you are in without massive, upside-down changes.

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So what are the tricky and sneaky little things that happen to our bodies as we age?

Well, your body, like any other mechanical machine, starts to slow-down by time, losing efficiency and eagerness. Increasing your energy levels, and of course, eating healthy will make you look much healthier. To achieve all this you should just adjust your diet a bit.

That’s why keto for women over 40 can be a great new way of eating and living while having fun! The fun part depends on you, but the part about eating and living is correct.


I’ve never heard of Keto? What is it?

Well firstly, Keto is a low-carbohydrate based diet, the goal of which is to change your energy source, from sugars to fats. You get the sugars from all sorts of artificial foods, that have a nasty tendency to stick onto you, making you fatter and slower, but most importantly, they can damage your brain and mind.

The Keto diet kind of originated from our ancestors, not having much artificial junk around them. They ate only “real” food, and when I say real, I mean meat, nuts, and maybe some dairy products.


So let’s start at the beginning, why is it so hard to lose weight on Keto For Women Over 40? 

Let’s be honest, it’s the stress above all! You have a lot more obligations and things to do at this age, therefore you may spend your day running around doing stuff without really having the time and patience to commit to a healthy diet.

Secondly, with the combination of your skin stretching over time, there’s no doubt that most of us don’t look like supermodels when we enter the middle-age phase. This doesn’t mean that we can’t slow this process down, thus allowing us to be supermodel-like until our late 40’s.

In this guide we will demonstrate the benefits of the keto diet for women over 40, starting with general tips to get you in the right mindset of the changes you’ll have to face.


13 Tips for Keto for Women over 40:

1. Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

alcoholic drinks

Everyone loves beer, we know that, don’t we?

The thing is beer will gas you up, making you look like a puffer-fish. Not only that, but it has a lot of calories and excessive calories are restricted for those who are on the keto diet.

 There’s nothing wrong with having one beer, but how many times do you go out for 1 beer and end up smashed 7 hours later in the middle of nowhere? This is why we will have to let the beer go. It will pay off at the end, I promise! 

2. If you enjoy a lot of sauces as your condiments, find the keto-friendly ones

ketogenic sauces for women on keto over 40

This doesn’t have to be as tragic as the last one, because there are a lot of delicious and healthy sauces that are keto-friendly and work amazingly well with a lot of dishes. Not only that, it’s a minor difference that can easily be integrated into your new lifestyle, which will have all sorts of health benefits. 

After all, you wouldn’t believe how much sugar there is in all of those burger sauces, barbeque sauces, and ketchup. Even mustards nowadays have a lot of sugars. Always make sure to check the contents table on the back of the sauce jar you’re buying. Here are some great keto options for women over 40: 

Light soy sauce contains fewer calories and added sugars, shrimp soy sauce if you’re ready to experiment, kinds of ketchup that are keto-friendly, meaning that they must have fewer sugars in it. Pesto sauce is excellent, and mayonnaise is great if made from good-quality eggs and good-quality oil. FYI, mayonnaise is only eggs and oil, and maybe a little salt. 

3. Avoid flour 

flour ketosis


This one is yet another good friend that you will have to let go off for now. It’s a big sacrifice leaving out the delicious pasta dishes, bread, and rice because these foods are rich in carbohydrates. 

In other words, if you don’t end up working out like a maniac for the entire day, there’s little chance that you will get to spend all of the energy that you got from flour. Speaking of workout and energy, flour is kind of paradoxical in this respect. 

If you’re a daily flour consumer, prepare to be surprised by this critical info. Flour-users are more likely to experience a sudden plummet in energy, reduced physical activity, and overall feeling of weakness. Moreover, this mainly happens once they stop consuming flour.

This isn’t some illness or some COVID-19 stuff, don’t worry, it’s just your body reacting to the elimination of an element it was used to before.

Besides, this only lasts for a couple of days, but after that, all of the negatives rise back up as positives, you will feel more energized, your brain will function better and your metabolism will start to strengthen. 

4. Get used to a breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule  

ketogenic diet for women over 40

The best way to combine healthy eating is to always eat at the same time each day. This is going to be the most challenging part for some out there, I understand.

Just to break it to you, this means that you will have to plan out your every day so you can eat each meal at the same time as yesterday. 

As a result, you will be flushing out and taking in meals guaranteed to detox your body above all. Secondly, you will stop feeling hungry out of the blue. 

Actually, this is just another keto benefit. This is a significant change, but it’s so worth it, especially regarding keto for women over 40. 

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You will be amazed at what a little bit of healthy food and a regular schedule can do for your weight loss program. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll start feeling much better and much more energized.

However, you will experience a sudden weight drop first week. Mostly flushing out the excess water from your body, and then slowly but surely reducing the body weight. 

5. Secret Ketogenic Diet Macros for Maximum weight loss 

keto for women over 40

We’ve talked about this a bit earlier, but not in such detail as we’ll do here. We’ve mentioned how the Keto diet wants your body to burn fat. Well, how do you achieve that in the shortest time possible?

The answer is top-secret, and it is: cut the carbohydrates completely.

On top of this, it means that there are no metabolized sugars for your body in the first place, so it will have to switch over to fat-burning, which is what you want optimally.

I’ve heard about aggressive macros on a Keto diet, what are those

Essentially, they are a bit more on the extreme side. You should consider the carbohydrate percentage, then protein percentage, fat percentage, etc.

The aggressive macros are known for their super-restriction of carbohydrates. If you want to get more educated on how Keto Diet Calculators operate, you can find it here. 

6. Eliminate snacks 

keto snacks

Speaking of carbohydrate-elimination, we must mention everyone’s favorite: snacks!

First of all, the artificial junk we all know and love the most will have to go. This goes by the rules of Ketogenic Diet Macros, whether they’re mild or aggressive. This step is even more critical for keto for women over 40. Why? 

Because the detrimental effects of aging will only complicate the destructive impacts of eating snacks.

The fact that they’re delicious is because they’re loaded with MSG-monosodium-glutamate. This chemical compound will fire up your brain and make you feel like you need more. It is the purpose of all those chips and cookies. After all, big companies want to sell you as much as possible, and they don’t really care about your health. 

That’s the main reason you should cut out the snacks. Because you can’t eat only one cookie, no matter how strong of an individual you are. And because of this, you shouldn’t even eat that “one”. Cookies are just too good and we are only human beings. 

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7. Meat is your friend 

meat is king on keto

Animals are your best friends, whether in this or that form. They provide a significant number of proteins and generally make you feel good and satisfied.

I think it’s because meat has that sort of texture, making you feel you’re eating something that will keep you on your two legs for the whole day. And do not fear fat. It’s always a good idea to sneak in fatty meats once in a while, like red meat (steaks). This one is super-rich in protein and contains a lot of natural unsaturated fats.

If you’re having chicken, for example, look mainly for the drums and thighs.

Fish is also great, but beware since it is easy to mess the fish up, even by buying the wrong one. If you live near the sea, try to look for those fishermen that sell fresh products. 

8. Use quality fats

is coconut keto 

Just because it is “fat”, doesn’t mean it has to be scary to people, because they think that fat will make them fatter. It will though if you consume lots of margarine or those dollar oil bottles you find all over the place. 

Let’s compare real butter and margarine. You would think:” Eh, margarine is cheaper, plus it’s less greasy than butter, I’m going to go for that”.

Well, you’ve made the wrong choice. That’s why you have to let me tell you something amazing- butter isn’t a carb. And yes, margarine is less greasy, but instead of the real fat contained in butter, which is right, margarine is filled with all sorts of fillers. Needless to say, these fillers are nasty, mmkay. 

An excellent option for keto, whether it’s for men or women, is coconut oil. Try to combine it with everything else you eat. 

9. Be active 

women keto 40 activity

Keto for women over 40 is extremely efficient if you combine it with simple workout routines, such as riding the bike and running.

Now pay attention, I don’t want anyone passing out because of this guide. Not many people bring this up, but it’s helpful for people going through physical changes with their bodies. 

Working out is one significant stress factor. Changing and adjusting your diet is another. Two simultaneous stressful situations can bring a lot of tension to your mind and body. That’s why I would recommend lighter forms of exercise, such as warming up, running a little bit, and then rest, although the keto diet will work for you even without training.

Let’s see why sometimes you can feel low energy levels while on keto. Especially when you first shift to it. 

10. Test Ketone Levels and adjust your diet 

ketone levels

So if you begin on the keto diet, you enter a stage called “ketosis, ” determined by a specific number of ketones in your body. We won’t get all doctor science on you, just know that there are 3 types of ketones, and sometimes you need less of some and more of others. 

You can test the number of ketones through your breath, blood, or urine. If you feel insecure about this, just read the article about the Keto Calculators we mentioned above, or consult your doctor or nutritionist. 

Your ketone levels are at their highest early in the morning or after dinner, so you can cope with that information. This leads us to our next topic- how should you arrange your meals? 

11. Eat only when hungry 

when to eat when on keto

For Women over 40 on keto who never really had any diet experience, this may be a bit of a shock. This means you’ll probably be eating a bit more initially until you get used to it, but do NOT eat out of boredom.

Moreover, snacking, in general, is what we all want to do, but please refrain from this just for now. You’ll notice that you gradually become less and less hungry while achieving the same amount of results. When you find a routine that suits you, eat 3 times a day at the same time, you will only be hungry at meal hours.

That’s it in regards to eating- what should you drink? 

12. Drink fluids and stay hydrated

hydrate on the keto diet

This is the math: carbohydrates make your body store more water than usual. When adhering to the keto diet, carbs are restricted, so water flushing is more frequent. Those who didn’t understand this means you’ll be going to the bathroom to do your number one more often.

According to this article, you should aim for about 16 cups per day. 

13. Make it a bit fun and experiment 

Don’t look at your keto diet as some kind of obligation or a higher law you should strictly follow.

No, think of it as a new way of life. Integrate it into your daily routine. Try to hook up with people who are on Keto. In conclusion, you will all have an easier time going through this together. Make plans, go out shopping together, stock up your fridge, and your pantry with delicious groceries that are keto-friendly. 

Doing Keto for women over 40 can be a fun experiment with children as well. Kids like meats and cheese, why not eat them together and stay healthy? It’s a no brainer! 

Although I hope you find these tips helpful, we’re still not done. We haven’t mentioned a vital part of every woman’s life- hormones. Sometimes, there may appear strange interactions in the first few days of the keto diet- the keto flu as it’s commonly known.

But once you get over it, you’ll only get stronger and stronger. Let’s now focus on the final suggestions for keto for women over 40.


So how can we fix this? What is the lost key, how to make Keto for women over 40 work?

Firstly, if you restrict your carb intake, you stop the production of glucose. Secondly, glucose is related to insulin. I believe that you should know how this should feel, no matter the gender. 

But women have the privilege of creating a modified version of the keto diet that works a lot better for them. So-called Green Keto, which has proven to be lighter on the negative keto symptoms such as weakness, cravings, and so on. Anyway, there are some foods that women over 40 should lookout to cut off- bacon, deli meats, or sausages- filled with sodium.

The only group of women that I wouldn’t personally recommend Keto in any of its forms is pregnant or breastfeeding women. We all know that pregnant women have a voracious appetite, and it should stay this way. 

Moreover, you can find a lovely little survey done with about 500 women, expressing their opinions on the Green Keto Diet.


All of this is pretty clear, but what if You need carbohydratesHow many carbs should a woman over 40 eat? 

Women over 40, of course usually being less active, need somewhere from 1800 to 2200 calories per day to stay balanced, but that will differ on the amount of work you do per day.

If you’re determined to lose weight, the optimal option could be when you decrease your daily calorie intake bit by bit. For example, if you cut down 500 calories a day, you will feel much less gloomy than when you make more radical decisions.

This could be a nice, light transition to keto for women over 40We talked about the benefits the Keto diet can bring, but is there a dark side to it?


Can Keto be bad for middle-aged women over 40? 

It’s not bad in the sense that it will cause you lasting damage, but it can be complicated, especially if you’re older. Your organism and the immune system is a bit off, so it may not be the smartest idea to include sudden changes to your diet and lifestyle.

The biggest “minus” of starting the keto in your late years is the danger of you depriving yourself of protein that your body needs to build muscle mass. Younger people need less protein to build and maintain their muscles, so you get the picture. 

As a result, you sacrifice a lot of your body muscle to burn a little bit of belly fat. It can be significantly stressful for the body at that age. And finally…


What do you do if the keto diet doesn’t work long-term?

If you find it extremely difficult, then just don’t do it. A rather important fact is that although keto can help you lose weight while having little to no exercise, eating certain keto-friendly foods for a more extended period can cause certain heart rhythm problems. However, this won’t be a problem if you’re careful about it.

Not only that but because you have switched your energy supply from sugars to fats, eating a diet that consists mainly of fat and is low in carbs will make your exercising experience a bit more complicated. That, on top of the tiredness of being older, can escalate into something you haven’t planned beforehand. This way, keto for women over 40 can be a bit trickier.



In this article, we’ve passed through the good and the bad about keto for women over 40. Everything you needed to know whether to start a Keto diet or not, it’s all here. You must analyze the situation you’re in, what your daily life looks like, and whether the keto diet is compatible with your lifestyle. 

Nonetheless, it is an efficient way of losing weight no matter if you’re a tad bit older or even a teenager. Just remember not to go too far, take it slowly, and adapt each day. Finally, this will give you a much smoother transition into the state called ketosis. Older and younger people must do research about the diet before jumping into it. 

In conclusion, we wish the best of luck to all women over 40 out there looking to lose a few pounds. I hope you’ve found this article helpful and of course that you’ve succeeded in achieving a healthier lifestyle in general.

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