Are Keto Diet Pills Safe? The Secrets They Don’t Tell You

Keto Diet Pills Safe

Wondering about: “Are keto diet pills safe”? Well… in this guide, you’ll discover the secrets they don’t tell you. Are there any benefits?

Keto Diet pills are all over the place. You see them in your local grocery store or all over your social media feed.

People left and right are promoting “magic” weight loss pills, but do they really

Well, it depends. Some do, some don’t. But in most cases, the best option is to try a natural
weight loss strategy such as diet and exercise, rather than taking pills to reach your goals.

If you have decided to start the keto diet, you probably have learned by now that it isn’t hard,
but it does have strict measures that you need to follow.

And if you follow these measures, and get your body into a healthy state of ketosis, you will see results.

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Yet, some people don’t want to put all of the efforts into properly following the ketogenic

And in this case, the keto diet pill might seem like the easier option. But is it really?

Well, let’s first find out what the keto diet pill is.

what is a keto diet pill

Keto diet pills are simply a shortcut way of getting your body to enter ketosis.

As you might already know, ketosis is a state in which your body burns fat instead of glucose for

This happens when you start a low-carb, high-fat diet, also known as the keto diet.

When you enter ketosis with the diet change, your body naturally begins producing ketone

diet change to keto

On the other hand, when you take keto diet pills for your body to enter ketosis, you are feeding your body ketones externally, and not producing them internally.

This external feeding of ketones is also called exogenously feeding. Also known as exogenous

Following a natural ketogenic diet does more than just produce more ketones for your body,
which is only what keto diet pills do.

Let’s take a look if these pills really are a better replacement for following the diet.

How long does it take to get into ketosis with keto weight loss pills?

How long does it take to get into ketosis with keto weight loss pills

There is no exact answer as to how long it takes to get into ketosis with keto diet pills, as every
person has a different body that works in a different way.

It also depends on the brand of keto diet pills that you choose to consume. There are just
many variables that come into play.

To get an exact time measurement, you would have to check the packaging or labeling of a
certain keto diet pill brand for an exact estimate.

However, as we dive deeper to bust the myth on these diet pills, let’s take a look at some more
important factors.

The biggest problem with keto diet pills:

The biggest problem with keto diet pills

The answer to this is that there are simply a lot of problems. Not just one.

Choosing to take keto diet pills instead of following a full-on keto diet is not the same. At all.

This is a shortcut that might seem pretty and promising at first, but you will come to discover
that it just does not work the same way.

While following a ketogenic diet, you are transitioning from certain food groups to others, and
allowing your body to move into a new metabolic state – in a healthy way.

While consuming keto diet pills, you are possibly harming the way which your body metabolizes
food and hindering the possibility of weight loss.

keto diet pills weight loss

To begin, there is research that has shown that excess consumption of exogenous ketones
can work against the natural production of ketones in the liver.

In addition, keto diet pill supplements might also mess with your metabolism.

The sole purpose of the ketogenic diet as your chosen method of weight loss is for the natural
production of ketones from stored fat to be used as an alternative fuel source.

But there is a healthy maximum to ketone production, and if your ketone levels become way
too high, your blood can become extremely acidic, preventing fat from being used as fuel in the
short term.

Exogenous intake of ketones can be very unhealthy in the long term.

Exogenous intake of ketones

Exogenous ketones decrease lipolysis which means that they are not very likely to speed up fat adaptation.

When you take on the natural keto diet, your body breaks up fat through lipolysis. This lipolysis
breaks up body fat into fatty acids and then burns these fatty acids for energy.

When you take keto diet pills, these supplements decreases the amount of free fatty acids,
meaning that you will have less fat to burn.

In addition to this, we also have to look at another extremely important aspect of these pills:

Dietary supplements are not overseen by the FDA.

Keto diet pills are simply not an approved way for weight loss as they do not have the extensive research and results which prove that
they actually work.

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When something is not evaluated or approved by the FDA, it means that it has not been
checked for safety the same way that other foods you consume have been.

The supplement market is just not highly regulated.

Knowing that such supplements are not FDA approved, would you use them? I know that I

What are the side effects of keto diet pills? This is the dirty secret that nobody talks about:

side effects of keto diet pills

With such good advertising, you might never think that there are bad side effects to such pills.
And you might be wondering if there are any at all?

The answer is yes, there are side effects. And many of them. Unfortunately, not everything is as
pretty as it looks, especially when it comes to keto diet pills.

The main complaints which come from such pills are extreme stomach discomfort, nausea,
vomiting, and even diarrhea.

Some more side effects which people have experienced are fatigue, anxiety, sweating, chills,
and even headaches.

So yes, there are bad sides to even the most harmless-looking supplements.

The biggest benefit of keto diet pills:

biggest benefit of keto diet pills

Even after reading everything which I just explained to you regarding the harmful sides of keto
diet pills and you still decide to try them out, you should know that there are some positive

But keep in mind that these positive aspects are only temporary and still aren’t better than
choosing to go for the natural diet focused keto transition.

The biggest benefit of keto diet pills is that they do the main thing which they promote: increase

And yes, this external intake of ketones does boost ketone levels, but this does not mean that
they will lead you to weight loss.

keto weight loss

Exogenous ketones are not an alternative for weight loss.

As I mentioned, exogenous ketones decrease the amount of free fatty acids, meaning there is
less to burn. This means there will be no valid weight loss.

So yes, keto diet pills do increase the number of ketones, but as these ketones are exogenous,
they do not actually help you with weight loss, but actually, work against it.

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Are keto diet pills safe with high blood pressure?

keto diet pills safe with high blood pressure

The answer is that nobody really knows.
Keto diet pills lack enough research and testing to know the effects it has on blood pressure.

Are keto diet pills safe for diabetics?

keto diet pills safe for diabetics

Again, there is not enough research to support an answer to this question, but we do know

Your body never needs exogenous ketones.

It never needs them because your body can produce them naturally by following a nutritional keto diet that is done with a diet switch, not
with pills.

If you simply take on the keto diet, not keto diet pills, your body will naturally start making

If you begin taking exogenous ketones with high blood sugars, you are only putting
yourself at risk.

In general, the keto diet can help people with diabetes as it can decrease blood glucose levels
and reduce blood sugar. This may help people reduce their need for medication along the way.

So yes, there have been many proven studies that the natural keto diet can help people with
diabetes, but there is simply not enough research that keto diet pills can do the same.

Are the keto ultra diet pills safe?

Are the keto ultra diet pills safe

The keto ultra diet pills have a great mixture of reviews as many people have been curious to
see if they actually work.

Now logging into Amazon to look at some reviews, it was not so shocking to come across the
35% 5-star and 32% 1-star ratings. This means that it worked for some, and for others, not so

But seeing that the general reviews are half and half, you can assume that these keto diet pills
are not the most brilliant pills created as almost have the reviews are negative.

From this, we just have to remember that we all have different bodies, which means that we
will all react to supplements in a different way. They work for some, and for some they don’t.

So the final answer is that we don’t know how safe they are. But we do know that such
supplements are not closely or tightly regulated by the FDA, making them ever so questionable.

Not only are they not regulated or monitored, there is simply not enough research conducted
on people who have taken such supplements to be able to give you a final answer if they are
safe or not.

Who should never take keto diet pills?

Who should never take keto diet pills

Again, as there is not enough information as to who shouldn’t take keto diet pills, we can try
answering this question with information on who shouldn’t go for a keto diet in the first place.

The diet of course is not recommended for people who are underweight or have been going
through any type of eating disorder or are currently going through one.

It is also not recommended for people with ongoing mental health problems or people
recovering from surgery.

If you are not certain if you are able to transition to such a diet, it is best to consult a doctor
before making any changes.

What causes low energy during keto and what’s the trick to fixing it?

What causes low energy during keto and what’s the trick to fixing it

With a very good natural weight loss method comes some side effects. Short-term fatigue is one
of them.

You will know when your body has entered ketosis as it does give off a lot of signs.

One of them might be short-term fatigue or low energy for a short period of time.

You might be feeling weak or tired, but this is normal, and part of the diet transition.

It is normal to feel this because your body has been used to a specific way of eating for a few
years and then you decide to make a sudden switch – it is a natural bodily reaction.

This change can be difficult for your body to adjust to quickly, so it will show some side effects
in the process.

keto diet pills side effects

There are many ways you can fix this fatigue, one of them being increasing your consumption of
electrolytes. You can increase your electrolytes through supplements like magnesium and

There are also electrolytes in food, and they can be found mostly in avocados. And why is this the
best package deal?

Because avocados are a great food to eat on the keto diet as it is packed
with healthy fats and electrolytes all in one!

Try taking these as natural supplements and avoiding the sugar-packed energy drinks in the

The sugar-packed energy drinks are not made for a keto diet, as a keto diet avoids high
sugar consumption. So it is best to avoid these.

Another trick you should be doing is keeping your fluid intake really high. So yes, this means
drinking a lot of water.

And most importantly, just take things slowly. Moderately decrease your carb consumption,
and don’t allow your body to crash from one end of a diet regime to another.

Everything must be transitioned in moderation.

As your body is adjusting, listen to it. If it means to simply rest more, do so!

Why custom keto diet plans work 10 times better:

custom keto diet plans work 10 times better

With all that being said about keto diet pills, we can come to the conclusion that they are just
too risky.

Beginning a diet can be difficult and it may take a lot of time, but it will be worth it in the end if
you chose the natural and nutritional path.

An effective diet does not have shortcuts, so trying to beat the path will not end you up where you want to be.

With this being said, let me tell you exactly why choosing the natural diet path is the better
option when going keto.

Cutting carbs with a low carb diet such as keto is the most effective for weight loss. It is also
one of the simplest ways to reach effective results.

This happens because lower consumption of carbs leads to getting rid of excess water in your body, and leading to rapid weight loss.

Another benefit of cutting carbs is the reduction of triglycerides in your bloodstream. These are
fat molecules that increase your risk of heart disease.

Along with the low carb consumption on the keto diet, comes a high-fat consumption as well.

High fat consumption ultimately leads to the increase of good cholesterol in your body.

Cutting carbs also leads to lower blood sugar and insulin levels, ideal for people with diabetes.

This cut in carbs is also good for lowering blood pressure and reducing your chances of many
common problems associated with high blood pressure.

keto blood glucose levels

Ultimately, the keto diet satisfies your goal of weight loss. By cutting carbs, you also cut sugar
and refined carbohydrates.

Cutting these harmful items out of your everyday diet will not only
lead to weight loss, but it will reduce your constant hunger cravings.

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