Is Soy Sauce Keto Friendly – The Ultimate Keto Soy Guide

Is Soy Sauce Keto Friendly

Keto Soy Sauce is extremely healthy and full of nutrients. And it’s a bit different from the standard version. Want to know what makes a great soy sauce for the keto diet? Then stick around a bit and we’ll discuss all the important topics.

You and I and everyone else on this planet love delicious, unhealthy food. I mean, who doesn’t like sitting on a couch after a tiresome day, watching a favorite movie, snacking some potato chips or chocolate bars? The thing is, that kind of lifestyle is going to mess you up.

Why not change a lifestyle that’s certainly going to ruin your health- both physical and mental?

It’s very important to know what and what kind of food you’re putting into yourself. If you don’t do this, you might be surprised when you feel these symptoms: exhaustion, being hungry even though you’re full, and feeling weak.

In this guide I will explain to you the many advantages of the keto diet, what it is, and one special little addition to it- soy sauce. The soy sauce keto will surely deliver everything you ever wanted, it just needs time to get used to.

The rule of thumb is: if it has too much sugar, it ain’t real soy sauce. 

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The basics of the Keto Diet in general 

First of all, the Keto diet has been quite popular in the last few years, but it has existed for a long period of time. What is this diet about? What are its elements?

Let’s just say that your body has the option to operate on two types of fuels- sugar and fat. Sugar is metabolized by your body through the consumption of carbohydrates, the stuff you get from bread, potatoes, maybe some delicious chocolate cakes, or something similar.

Secondly, the Keto diet wants you to switch entirely to having fat as your only fuel resource. Don’t get confused, this doesn’t’ necessarily mean that fast-food and deep-fried foods are the way to go. Also, when I say “fat”, I think of its natural form, or real fats like olive oil or butter, not some artificial stuff that is around a lot.

But trust me, once you learn how the diet functions, you will see that you can eat incredibly diverse foods. In other words, you can find a keto-alternative for chocolate, which is keto friendly. So to summarize, it’s a strictly low-carb diet, a gluten-free diet.


The downsides of the Keto Diet

downsides of the Keto Diet 

So, the important thing to note is that this doesn’t include everyone. But when your body is going through a change, you are going to feel flunky at the beginning of the diet, such as reduced alcohol tolerance, bad breath, and overall reduced physical performance. That’s because your body starts working without the elements it prior was used to.


The benefits of the Keto Diet 

Right at the top, these are: reduced sugar cravings, improved health markers, your blood pressure will be normalized, your stomach will have an easier time and even fewer migraine attacks. A lot of them are worth mentioning, but the number one advantage is that your body becomes a 24/7 fat-burning machine.

In this article you will learn about the ultimate soy sauce keto guide, which can be a big misconception for some individuals out there, so let us clear the fog for you right away.


The origin of the Keto Diet 

Our ancestors didn’t have mass produced, sugar-saturated products to keep them going through the day. They worked hard all of the time, and they ate meat and consumed natural fats, which gave them the energy to survive and work through the day. Surely there were less obese people back then, looking for a way to lose a few kilos.


What makes Soy Sauce keto or not?

soy sauce keto friendly 

This question comes from the ways soy sauce can be made. As we all know, soy sauce is a condiment traditionally used in Asian cooking recipes, that can have a variable number of calories, which keto diet restricts.

So how can soy sauce be keto-friendly or not? It’s because soy sauce can be made two ways- traditionally or chemically. This can make the difference between it being viable for the keto diet or the opposite. When you produce it traditionally, it’s kind of a long process that uses several ingredients, which can include sugar, which makes soy sauce not practical for people who are on a keto diet.

When you produce it chemically, it can be made in about half a day, using heat and chemical compounds.

The most common one used around the world has to be light soy sauce, which is very low in carbs and has a low sugar percentage. This soy sauce is keto-friendly.

Next to the light soy sauce, there is dark soy sauce, which contains more sugar, then tamari soy sauce that contains a lot more carbs, and at the end, sweetened soy sauce, in which each tablespoon has a 2-digit number of carbs.


What is Keto Soy Sauce made of?

So in general the thing we call soy sauce is made by brewing and fermenting soybeans and wheat in water and salt. Some bacteria, yeast, and mold mixtures are used in the process. Although this is the traditional way to make it, some brands differ in ingredients used, and the ones you need is the one with the least sugar and carbs.

That would be the most keto-approvable soy sauce out there. Remember when shopping for groceries, always check the contents table at the back of the product. Beware even if it says it has 0g of sugar because that can also mean that its sugar percentage is only below 0.5% or 0.6%.


How to tell the difference between keto-approved soy and not? 

So it’s pretty straight forward. The least processed soy is the one you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the most widely GMO produced product is soy. So that is the way to know if soy is OKAY for a keto diet. Yet to know if it’s NOT, you should know that they contain compounds that can affect hormones in the body.

This can make soy sauce keto-unfriendly as well because I would suppose that the change your body is going through when changing diets, along with the possible changes through the consumption of soy sauce can be a bit tricky.


7 Best Keto-Friendly Soy Sauces

Keto-Friendly Soy Sauces 

1. Keto-Friendly Kecap Manis (Sweet Soy Sauce)

2. Keto teriyaki soy sauce

3. Tamari soy sauce (similar to teriyaki, but it’s made from fermented rice, which means it’s gluten-free)

4. Light soy sauce

5. Shrimp soy sauce (quite rare)

6. Black Bean soy sauce (made in Taiwan, it’s milder than most options from this list)

7. Xi Zai Qing (Fujian-style)- this is probably one of the most expensive soy sauces on the planet


Is Soy Good For Keto Weight Loss? 

I found an incredibly complex scientific study that basically said: yes, soy is good for weight loss. Although you’ll have to be a doctor to understand all those blood lipids, plasma lipids, conglycinin, soyasaponins, and whatnot the point is clear. Soy can improve insulin resistance, which usually leads to lower body fat. This is good news for all those soy sauce keto lovers, provided that you’re going easy with it. 

It’s quite simple, soy is rich in calories, and if you’re not careful with it, you can ruin your keto diet. And you don’t want to do this since we all know how hard it is to acquire a healthy habit. 

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There’s another study, this time from the University of Illinois. This one’s a bit simpler, even I could understand it without trying too hard. “When soy consumption goes up, weight goes down”, this article says. Perhaps I would be a bit careful with respect to this statement, but the essence stays the same. 

Keto soy sauce won’t make you fat, provided you follow some of my suggestions. Okay, and doctors’ suggestions, after all, they are the ones who proved that soy has some good characteristics. Hooray, now you can dip all your dishes in beautiful dark, sweet, and salty sauce. Just kidding. Go easy with it. 


The 12 Worst Disapproved Keto Foods and Beverages You Can have. Why? 

Processed soy sauce (with added sugar) This is probably one of the most keto-unfriendly foods ever. Not only is it unhealthy because of all the additives and chemicals. It will also ruin your diet because it’s full of sugars. I think that the original soy sauce, the traditional one, is somewhat hard to get used to.

When you add sugar to anything you’ll make it more acceptable for the masses. So the big company guys think that adding sugar will make anything more appealing. 110 grams of sugar in 1l of Coca Cola? Hell yes! 

1. Grains

is pasta and grains keto

Things like pasta, rice, and oatmeal are usually labeled as anti-keto foods. The answer is simple, they’re so rich in carbohydrates you don’t usually get a chance to use up all the energy. And guess where that energy goes? You’re right- it gets stored right down and around your belly.

And once it’s there, it’s there to stay. I guess it’s okay if you have a pizza every once in a while. But, let’s face it- pizzas are seriously tasty. I mean, like seriously I could eat them all the time. That’s why I don’t eat them anymore. 

With keto soy sauce it’s a bit different. Yes, it has more carbohydrates than what would be ideal. But you cannot actually use half a liter of it in one meal. On the other hand, you can eat a 10-inch pizza in two bites, no problem. And you don’t even want to know how many carbohydrates this amount of pizza has.              

2. Low-fat dairy products

With this one, people are often like: “Wow this looks cool, it almost doesn’t have any fat.”. Yes, it doesn’t have fat, but that fat is often kind of healthy for you, provided you keep an eye on how much you ate. So people think: “Oh, it doesn’t have any fat I guess I’ll eat like a whole bowl of this healthy cheese.”. Wrong! If this is your philosophy, it’s better to steer clear from any kind of “low-fat” dairy products. Besides, they’re full of chemicals. 

3. Sodas, juices…

is soda keto

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Okay, this one is a no-brainer.  I already mentioned the Coca-Cola thing. Do you really want to drink 1l of this beverage and ingest more than 100 grams of sugars? Just think about it. 100 grams- and you drink it in 10 minutes or so. Imagine if you had a pile of regular white sugar in front of you. 100 grams exactly. Somebody points a gun to your head and makes you eat it. You would probably throw up halfway. 

Soda is actually the most keto-unfriendly beverage (or food) ever. 

4. Peas, lentils, peanuts, beans

Okay, these are a bit more controversial. But it’s true. Things like beans or peanuts will make you fat. They have a lot of nutrients, that’s right, but your body cannot use them efficiently. So adding your beautiful keto soy sauce to your peas won’t really change anything- you’re still going to get fat. 

I think that peanuts are the worst in this category (although they aren’t as near as bad as soda drinks). Why? Because we all love that thick peanut butter. However, have you tried to read about its nutritional values? Good thing you didn’t, because you would suffer a heart attack by remembering all those piles of peanut butter you ate. 

 5. Corn, potatoes

corn and potatoes keto

Another no-brainer on this list. I guess we’re too hard on these two guys- but for a reason. Most of us don’t really like potatoes but could eat pounds and pounds of potato chips. And this is okay, it’s a normal human tendency to eat potato chips.

Okay, not really, but you get the idea. It’s the same with corn- they put it in all kinds of things- tortillas, tacos, etc. Mexicans love it. The next time you go searching for Mexican food, keep an eye on all that corn. Better search for some wonderful keto soy sauce instead

 6. Alcoholic drinks 

alcoholic drinks

It’s a bit strange to talk about alcohol in this context, but it’s true. Most alcoholic drinks, especially beer and wine, won’t really help you get thin. Quite the contrary, they’ll only add a ton of carbohydrates your body cannot deal with. But this is just a part of the story- perhaps you like those tasty cocktails.

Well, guess what, most of the time, baristas add more sugar to cocktails to make them more appealing. 

This is the perennial problem with alcohol- it’s not that tasty when you think of it, so people (companies) add sugar to it to make it more appealing. 

 7. Snacks

Yes, we’ve already mentioned the classic snack-chips, but there is more. You might think you could continue to munch on those crackers, thinking you’re in keto? Think again. Things like pretzels, crackers, and other snacks are absolutely not keto-friendly.

In conclusion, there are many ways you can ruin your keto diet. Can you replace unhealthy foods with alternatives that are just as tasty? Absolutely. Moreover, if you don’t like keto soy sauce, there are many alternatives you should consider.


The Soy Sauce Keto Alternatives

We get it. Not everybody likes keto soy sauce. It tends to be extremely salty, and powerful. In addition, it has a characteristic taste that you have to get used to. It’s easy for Chinese people, who dip their food in it from early childhood. That being said, let’s briefly describe the best keto soy sauce alternatives.

1. Fish sauce

Another beautiful treat coming from Asia. Most importantly, original fish sauce is also quite salty and it has a strong taste. Secondly, here too you’ll want to avoid the variants that have too much sugar. I mentioned it so many times because it is so important. After all, it’s for your own good.

2. Avocado mayo oil

When it comes to reducing carb levels, avocado mayo oil is probably the winner. This thing is rich in fats yet it has almost no carbohydrates. However, there are also no proteins, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you already adhere to a nice and balanced diet.

 3. Coconut aminos

First thing’s first- this is the best soy sauce keto alternative. Moreover, this condiment is quite rich in mineral salts. One of the best things is that coconut aminos condiment is gluten free. So all of you with gluten allergy won’t have to worry about negative reactions to this product.

4. Hot Sauce

I’m a big fan of spicy foods and chili, so this one was a logical choice. It’s not keto- most chilies don’t have any fats or proteins. But still, it’s something nice to add and to refresh your dishes a bit with.

5. Vinaigrette

In addition to the aforementioned avocado mayo, vinaigrette is the best combo for all the avocado-lovers. Italian vinaigrette is somewhat more complex though.

These are just some of the ingredients found in this product: avocado oil, salt, lemon juice, onion, garlic, konjac, chili peppers (yummy), etc. Honestly, I didn’t even know some of these ingredients existed, so I’ll just let this to those who want to research more. Here comes the next Italian delicious treat:

6. Marinara

marinara sauce keto

Tomatoes, olives, pepper, oregano + some other things, and voila! You have a beautiful marinara- it’s the best condiment to have when munching on some delicious dishes besides the sea. That’s where the name comes from- marinara.

7. Dressing with yogurt

When it comes to yogurt, I think that Americans didn’t grasp the essence of it. This is a beautiful, fat-rich dairy product that’s refreshing, full of nutrients, and amazingly tasty.

So if you want to replace keto soy sauce with something milder, yogurt dressing will be your best choice. Here’s a shortlist of what it contains: yogurt (duh), spices, vinegar, buttermilk.

In conclusion, there are many condiments you can find that won’t ruin your chances of acquiring muscle mass while losing fat. Let’s see what beverages you can drink while on a ketogenic diet.


Ketogenic Drinks – The Top 5 

1. Chocolate Smoothie

A nice smoothie with a lot of proteins is all we need. Be careful not to go too far with chocolate, and you’re good to go. Also, you can add things like almond milk, almond butter, and other keto-friendly ingredients: be creative.

2. Speaking of creativeness, you should try Green Smoothies

Just take a look at some of the ingredients you can put into a green smoothie- spinach, lemon, ice, protein powder, cucumber. As mentioned above – be creative- play around a bit, see what works for you!

We’ll describe one more smoothie and that’s it with smoothies on this list:

3. Turmeric Smoothie

turmeric smoothie

This one’s my favorite since it has stuff like cinnamon, chia, almond… The list could go on and on. Let’s consider some ketogenic drinks of other types:

4. Keto Frappuccino Mocha

I would use this as a nice pre-workout boost. Moreover, with just a tiny, tiny pinch of ice cream, vanilla, or chocolate, you’ll satisfy that sugar craves we all have to battle. In addition, this will be a real treat for all you coffee-lovers who love to experiment a bit. 

5. Diet Coke and Rum

diet coke and rum keto friendly

When it comes to experimentation, we all know that alcohol has to be involved. Okay, before you all accuse me of encouraging alcoholism, I’ll make a quick disclaimer. I do not approve of alcoholism in any way.

That being said, having a drink here and there probably won’t endanger your health or ruin your keto diet. Provided you drink nice things and not high-calorie beers, sweet wines, or dangerously sweet cocktails. 


The Keto Sauce Winner: A Sauce under 20 carbs – That you can enjoy  

I tried hard to find sauces that have a low level of carbohydrates. Now, let’s see the best sauce under 20 carbs. 

The winner is most certainly French dressing, one of the best keto soy sauce alternatives. Here’s my favorite– Organicville’s French Dressing


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