How To Get Into Ketosis Swiftly – 19 Proven Secrets


Looking for the best and fastest ways to get into ketosis? Well, in this keto guide you will learn the 19 proven ketosis secrets, plus more.

Firstly, by gradually reducing your carb intake and replacing it with more fat should lead to ketosis.

However, the process of production of ketones can sometimes take longer.

It could be due to wrong dietary implementation, mental health issues, or an underlying complication.

But there several ways to ensure that your body quickly shifts into ketosis.

However, before we discuss how to get into ketosis swiftly, let’s look at some of the habits that kill this process.

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11 Ketosis Killing Habits

11 Ketosis Killing Habits

Losing weight and attaining your wellness goals are definitely the reasons why you are on keto.

However, there are certain habits that can kill the effectiveness of this diet and you must avoid them. They include:


1. Eating More Carbs – Will kill ketosis

Eating More Carbs

If you are eating more carbs than the recommended amount, you will definitely be killing your keto progress.

Your diet should consist of around 5% carbs. Anything more than that simply means that you won’t reach your goals.


2. You’re Simply Counting the Carbs

Simply Counting the Carb

Your obsession in ensuring that you feed on the right amount of carbs can easily kill your keto journey.

Even though the main goal of keto is to reduce carbs for ketosis to be achieved, this isn’t the sole journey.

Don’t get caught up in the process of carb-counting and forget that the quality of food you eat matters.

While you are estimating the right amount of calories for your wellness, don’t forget to eat whole foods.

Besides that, research about some of the keto-approved treats that you can eat.


3. You Are Ignoring Your Veggie Intake – Kills Ketosis

You Are Ignoring Your Veggie Intake

If you want to kill the process of ketosis, then ignore your veggie intake.

Veggies are almost essential in all types of diets. However, if you are not monitoring what you are putting into your body, then you might face a disaster.

This is because slight overconsumption of these edibles would mean that you are over-consuming carbs.

While you shouldn’t obsess with counting carbs but find the best types of veggies that suit you.

Don’t overcomplicate things because simple non-starchy options are the most effective.

There are numerous vegetable varieties that are ideal for the keto diet.

Research about them and buy what suits your needs.

Also, make sure that you do rotational feeding to avoid boredom or the feeling of a bland taste.


4. Not Salting Your Food

Not Salting Your Food

Have you ever heard the call for people to eat more salt?

But you have probably heard about people being told to stop excess consumption of sodium.

However, salt in keto is necessary. It’s part of the diet.

If you are consuming food with table salt, then you won’t quickly spark the process of ketosis.

While preparing your meals, ensure that you adequately season them with enough salt for the supply of electrolytes.


5. Reducing Your Carbs and Increasing your Fat Intake too Quickly

Reducing Your Carbs and Increasing your Fat Intake too Quickly

Increasing your fat intake and reducing your carbs too quickly can negatively impact your keto journey.

Eating lots of carbs in one meal and then consuming a high-fat diet in the next will certainly kill ketosis.

The process needs to be gradual. Start by gradually reducing your carb intake and in the same way replace it with fat content.

Taking drastic measures means that your body may not be able to withstand the change.


6. You’re Not Drinking Enough Water To Enter Ketosis

Not Drinking Enough Water

You are on keto and not drinking enough water? It would simply mean that you are killing the process of ketosis.

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Don’t solely focus on what you are eating and forget that water is also an important part of healthy nutrition.

You need to understand that your reduced carb intake will certainly cause a significant change in your electrolyte and fluid balance.

When carb stores are depleted and more ketones produced, the body ends up dehydrating.

Sip water regularly and ensure that you consume half of your body weight in ounces of water every day.

For more intake, put the water in a small glass or bottle every time you want to drink it.


7. Your Calorie Intake is Extremely High for Getting into Ketosis

Calorie Intake is Extremely High

If you are trying to lose weight via keto, then you should monitor your calorie intake.

Consuming too many calories will be detrimental to your keto journey.

The production of ketones will either slow down or you won’t see any positive effects completely.

The solution for this problem is to simply regulate your calorie intake to ensure you operate within limits.


8. You Have Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals

Unrealistic Weight Loss Goals


It’s possible to kill the process of ketosis if you have set unrealistic weight-loss goals.

As a human being, it’s normal to crave instant and effective results.

However, you need to understand that the process of weight loss is usually gradual.

By trying to quickly attain your weight loss target, your body may fail to sustain the production of ketones.

For instance, you might be tempted to significantly reduce your carbs and extremely increase your fat content.

You won’t attain better results if you do this.

Your body still needs a healthy diet balance for it to function optimally.

Set realistic weight loss goals because you can only lose a maximum of 2 pounds per week.

But this would also mean that you find a way to burn 1000 more calories than you consume daily.


9. You’re Not Eating Nutritious Foods

Not Eating Nutritious Foods

Regardless of the type of keto you’re using, the key to ketosis and healthy weight loss is to consume whole and nutritious foods.

While eating whole foods, don’t forget to add nutritious snacks to your diet.

The key is to find the best balance between carbs, fats, and protein while getting an adequate nutrient supply.


10. You Have an Underlying Medical Complication

keto Underlying Medical Complication

An undiagnosed medical complication will slow down the production of ketones.

For instance, issues such as PCOS, hypothyroidism, hyperinsulinemia, and depression may interfere with the normal functionality of the body.

So, when you try to shift from carbs to ketones, your body will experience a significant drastic change.

This means that it would be impossible for it to produce ketones and attain ketosis in a healthy way.

To fix this problem, ensure that you do regular medical checks.

It’s also important that you first consult with your doctor before you can start using a keto diet.

By using proper medications and implementing the right lifestyle changes, you may soon be able to produce more ketones


11. You’re Stressed or Anxious

get into ketosis - Stressed or Anxious

If your mental and emotional well-being are not in tune with your physical needs, then you won’t reach ketosis.

This process can only be attained if both the mind and the physical body can work together for a common goal.

Stress and anxiety can be caused by a lot of factors including the surrounding environment.

As a result, they can interfere with your mental faculties as well as productivity.

In some instances, an individual may end up with negative sleep patterns and this can lead to fatigue.

The overall impact of all these factors would eventually affect the hormone activities in the body. As a result, it would be impossible to reach ketosis.

However, you can fix these issues to allow your body to quickly produce ketones.

Find a way to de-stress. For instance, you can take yoga, engage in breathwork, and meditate among others.

Don’t forget that it’s important to get adequate sleep. Your daily goal should be to at least get 7 hours of sleep.

Spend less time browsing through electronic devices and instead learn to socialize and bond with nature.

Your diet, mental wellbeing, and general lifestyle could easily kill or enhance the process of ketosis.

Its, therefore, important that you implement a keto-friendly diet plan.

Don’t forget to lead an active and fit life since both your physical and mental wellbeing depends on them.

But while you are doing this, it’s also important to find ways to quickly spark ketosis.

So, how can you quickly and safely get into keto? well, let’s find out in the next section

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The 19 Secrets – How to Get Into Keto Swiftly

Get Into Keto Swiftly

The transition process from glycogen to ketones can be slow. This may mean that you have to endure the keto side effects for longer.

However, it’s possible to increase the production of ketones quickly.

Some of the most effective ways on how to get into ketosis swiftly include:


1. Reduce Your Carb Intake To get into Ketosis

get into ketosis quickly

This is definitely the easiest way to get into ketosis. The foundation of the keto diet is for the dieter to significantly reduce their carb intake to around 5%.

So, if you want to know how to get into ketosis quickly, this is the first thing that you should do.

The body will naturally produce more ketones if it’s forced to use fats as its primary source of energy instead of sugar.


2. Increase Your Fat Intake To Get Into Ketosis

quickly get into ketosis

While you reduce your carb intake, make sure that you improve your healthy fat intake to around 70% of your total calories.

Consuming plenty of fat is effective in reducing hunger pangs. Besides that, healthy fats also boost the production of ketones, helping you reach ketosis quickly.

However, make sure that you use fat in moderation. Because extremely high amounts of fats may lead to unwanted health effects.


3. Moderate your protein intake

get into ketosis - moderate protein intake

You can quickly achieve ketosis if you can balance your intake of carbs and fats with an adequate protein intake.

It should be around 10-20% of your total calorie intake.

If you are using the standard keto diet, then your diet should consist of around 20% healthy protein.

Protein should be consumed in moderation since its essential in supplying the liver with amino acids.

This is essential because even if your body is using ketones as the source of fuel, there are still some organs that need glucose.


4. Try a Short Fast

get into ketosis

Fasting for a short period is another great way of getting the body into ketosis naturally.

A short fast should simply last several hours where you avoid consuming any food.

Generally, intermittent fasting is a great dietary approach in inducing ketosis.

If your transition process is taking too long or you think you have reached a plateau phase, then try to do a short fast.


5. Do a Fat Fast

fat fast get into ketosis

Alternatively, you can try a fat fast instead of short food fast.

If you can’t totally stay without food, then you can simply decide to eliminate fat from your diet.

Fat fasting is an effective approach that helps to boost the production of ketones. It normally mimics the effect of fasting so the results will be quick


6. Increase Your Level of Physical Activity

get into ketosis fast

Most research studies indicate that ramping up your physical activities while on keto can spark the production of more ketones.

This happens due to the depletion of glycogen stores in the body as a result of physical exercise.

Naturally, the glycogen stores get replenished by your carb intake.

But since your carb content will already be minimal, the body will be forced to minimize its reliance on the available glycogen stores.

As a result, it will end up producing more ketones for ketosis.

Do daily walks, jogging, running, and other cardio activities at least thrice weekly.


7. Find the Right Keto Staples

the Right Keto Staples - get into ketosis

Look for easy recipes and shop for keto-friendly foods to ensure that you effectively formulate a keto staple.

You need to create a keto-friendly diet routine that fits your specific needs. This way, your body will quickly adapt to the new diet changes quickly and safely.

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8. Take Exogenous Ketones

how to get into ketosis Exogenous Ketones

If you are worried that the food you’re consuming isn’t doing any good, then take exogenous ketones.

These are simply keto-friendly supplements that help your body to produce more ketones faster.

The most effective exogenous ketone supplement at the moment is BHB ketone. Taking two servings per day will allow the body to attain ketosis in less than 24 hours.


9. Drink lots of water

water - how to get into ketosis

Drinking lots of water is one of the most effective ways to get to ketosis.

This is important in eliminating the urge to eat. As a result, you will end up reducing your daily calorie intake.

A low-calorie intake consequentially means that the body won’t have enough carbs. So, the body will be forced to produce ketones as its source of energy.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.


Note: water also plays a vital role in ensuring that you are well-hydrated.

Ketosis usually comes with frequent urination and this means you might easily get dehydrated.

10. Use Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

get into ketosis Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Naturally, the body is bound to slowly shift from depending on glucose to ketones.

However, you can accelerate the process of ketone production in the body by adding a recommended dose of the pink Himalayan sea salt.

According to most keto diet specialists, you need to eat at least 2-4 grams of sodium daily.

The electrolytes in this sea salt are great in accelerating the transformation process seamlessly.

It helps to eliminate the chances of fatigue and keto flu by enhancing the supply of electrolytes.


11. Eliminate Dairy and Nuts From Your Diet

how to get into ketosis fast - Eliminate Dairy and Nuts From Your Diet

If you want your body to quickly produce ketones, then eliminate nuts and dairy. This is especially critical during the first week of your diet.

Strictly eliminate dairy food products such as heavy cream and cream cheese and you will see how your body responds.

It will go into an overdrive state and accelerate its production of ketones that lead to ketosis.

On the other hand, limiting your intake of nuts during the first week can help reduce inflammation. Additionally, it can help to reduce the total amount of your calorie intake.

Remember that nuts are naturally loaded with calories and they may, therefore, slow down the production of ketones.


12. Focus on eating whole foods

Whole foods are definitely the best diet alternative for everyone on keto. Generally, they are healthy organic sources with moderate amounts of calories.

Understand that there isn’t an official criterion that’s used to categorize whole foods.

However, most nutrition specialists agree that whole foods are simply minimally processed foods. They are as close to their natural state as possible.


13. Include MCT in Your Diet

MCT in Your Diet - get into ketosis

MCT provides a tremendous way of getting your caloric needs attained while still ensuring you’re within your carb limits.

Generally, MCT oil does a lot to the body more than improving the production of ketones.

You can start with a teaspoonful or less per day.

With its medium-chain triglyceride content, your body will quickly reach ketosis and attain the following benefits:


  • Improved heart health
  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Mood stability
  • Improved rate of digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption
  • Antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties


For effectiveness, use this powerhouse wherever you can. Add it to your dinner, put it to your bulletproof coffee, and use it in sauces, etc.

The overall effectiveness of MCT for sparking ketosis is based on its ability to skyrocket your fat loss. So, including it in your daily routine can be highly beneficial.


14. Choose Fatty Snacks

Fatty Snacks how to get into ketosis

When it comes to restricting your carb intake, you have to be careful about what you are snacking on.

We understand that regardless of your diet, it’s almost impossible to avoid snacks. However, you can be careful about what you consume.

If possible, simply choose fatty snacks if you are to quickly attain ketosis. You need to understand how to attain ketosis and then using that information to determine the best high-fat snacks.

We recommend fat bombs. You can always indulge in them whenever you want since they won’t easily interfere.


15. Add Turmeric to Your Diet

ketosis - Add Turmeric to Your Diet

The effectiveness of turmeric in sparking ketosis is based on the fact that it contains curcumin. This compound has a broad range of potential health benefits.

However, in this case, a tablespoon of curcumin compound helps to improve the receptor function. Besides that, it’s effective in improving sugar utilization and uptake.

There are some research studies that indicate turmeric can help to reduce the level of certain liver enzymes.

These are the enzymes that release sugar into the bloodstream. It should also be noted that these enzymes usually encourage the storage of glucose in the form of glycogen in the muscles.

The resulting effect is that this would mean that the glucose content would be reduced significantly. So, the body wouldn’t have a sufficient source of glucose for energy production.

It will certainly be forced to look for an alternative means and in this case, it would be ketosis.

For a high level of effectiveness, it’s usually good to combine turmeric with an additional source of healthy fat.

Besides that, adding something like black pepper would massively improve your fat intake.

Black pepper helps to activate the curcumin compound in turmeric leading to maximum benefits.


16. Consume Cinnamon Daily

Cinnamon Daily - get into ketosis

Cinnamon is another effective supplement that can help you reach ketosis quickly.

A tablespoon of this compound can help to inhibit the production of enzymes that normally interfere with the functions of insulin receptors.

As a result, cinnamon can help to improve insulin receptor activity. This is a beneficial process that has a positive effect on the production of ketones.

Understand that adding cinnamon to your daily wellness regimen comes with additional health properties. The supplement has properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

As a result, it helps to improve the level of cholesterol markers and provide the body with anti-diabetic effects

To quickly accelerate the production of ketones, you should add 2 tablespoons of cinnamon to your daily diet.

It could be added to your smoothies, shakes, or any keto-friendly dessert recipes.

If you are a coffee lover, then it won’t harm to add a tablespoon of cinnamon to your bulletproof cup.


17. Use Vinegar

Vinegar - get into ketosis

If you can’t find the above-mentioned two supplements, then vinegar can be a great addition.

It’s cheap and you can easily find it in your local supermarket.

There are many health benefits of this vinegar. But one of the less talked about is how it can help to improve the production of ketones.

Well, the effectiveness of vinegar is due to the presence of acetic acid.

Diet analysis indicates that acetic acid usually impacts the glycemic response from the carbs that you consume.

By negatively impacting the effectiveness of carbs, the vinegar helps to improve the production of ketones.

According to this study, a daily tablespoon intake of this supplement can help to reduce glycemic response by more than 30%.

For more pronounced results, you can consume the vinegar before a carb-rich meal.

The effectiveness of vinegar is based on its versatile health benefits. While it enhances the production of ketones, it also enhances the metabolism of fats and proteins.


18. Add Fresh Lemon to Water

get into ketosis quick - Fresh Lemon to Water

We have talked about how it’s essential to consume more water to make sure that you quickly produce more ketones.

However, you can also enhance the water’s taste by adding some slices of lemon.

The effects obtained are usually incredible, especially if you use them around meals.

The effectiveness of lemon water is due to the presence of citric acid in the lemon juice.

It can naturally control the level of blood sugar, particularly after eating food with carbs.

Apart from adding fresh lemon to your water, you can also add it to your salads, smoothies, and cooked vegetables.


19. Test Your Ketones

test your ketones for ketosis

Without testing your ketones you won’t know if your body is producing adequate amounts of ketones. Otherwise, you would have to wait for the symptoms to appear.

The advantage of testing your ketone levels is to allow you to adjust your diet accordingly.

That’s why the process of ketosis is highly individualized because everyone has a unique set of goals.

There are three types of ketones that you can test and they include acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone.

You can measure them from urine, blood, and your breath respectively.

For instance, you can determine the acetone levels found in your breath using a test meter such as Ketonix.

Simply breath into the meter and the resulting color flashes will help you determine how low or high your ketones are.


Which Type of Keto Test is the Best?

Generally, acetones have been confirmed to be one of the best ways to test and monitor ketosis.

If you are okay with using blood, then you can get the blood ketone meter.

You simply need to place a drop of blood on the strip that’s found in the meter.

The blood ketone meter usually measures the level of beta-hydroxybutyrate in the blood.

It’s also another great indicator of the level of ketosis. However, using the blood ketone meter isn’t easy to invest in because they are expensive.

If you can’t use a blood droplet or your breath, then urine is the last alternative that can produce beneficial results.

Get keto urine strips and they are great for several tests because they are cheap.

The only problem with ketone urine strips is that their long-term effectiveness has always been in question.


Sometimes we just need a boost to quickly attain ketosis. The production of ketones can be quite slow for some people.

This means that their transition process would also get delayed.

The negative impact is that they will end up feeling the side effects of ketosis for a prolonged period.

When adding supplements to your diet, focus on those products that help to reduce insulin spikes.

Additionally, products that help control the level of blood sugar and glycemic load are usually highly beneficial.

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How Do I Check if I am in Ketosis – The 5 Secret Proven Ways?

One paid way of checking if you are in ketosis is by simply testing.

Simply buy the right test kit for use with breath, blood, or urine. But apart from these methods, there are also other free ways that you can use to check if you’re in ketosis.


1. Testing Ketones

Testing Ketones

The easiest way to confirm if you’re on ketosis is by using a blood-testing meter.

If you test and find that your blood ketone levels are 0.5 mmol/L or more, then you are in ketosis.


2. Insomnia/ Change in Sleep Patterns

This is another free way of determining if you are in ketosis. If you have trouble staying asleep this is yet another sign that your body is changing.

Research studies show that once the body starts to produce ketones, then your hormonal balance changes as well.

Some people may end up experiencing shorter stages of REM or simply “dreams”. However, things will resolve themselves after the transition process is over.


3. Muscle Cramps

If you are going to significantly reduce your carb intake, then your body will end up producing less insulin.

Naturally, the body needs insulin for the production of glucose and consequentially energy.

However, when insulin is less, the kidney ends up releasing more sodium. The effect of this is an imbalance of electrolytes.

This new imbalance is what usually leads to temporary muscle cramping. This is usually accelerated with fatigue.


4. Keto Breath

It’s usually one of the first and easiest indicators of ketosis.

The keto breath has a fruity smell due to the presence of acetone.

This usually happens as the body tries to use fat for energy instead of the usual glucose.

However, keto breath usually resolves itself after a few days as the body effectively transitions.


5. Fatigue

It’s another common and short-term effect of ketosis.

Fatigue usually occurs as a result of dehydration and it occurs as a result of the production of more ketones in the body.

The Bottom Line- How to Get into Ketosis

Getting into ketosis is only possible if you strictly follow the dietary requirements.

However, the process may take longer in some instances due to ineffective diet plans.

It could also be a result of undetected complications.

However, you can accelerate the process of getting into ketosis.

Just make sure that you monitor the symptoms or use a tester to determine the levels of ketones.


The Bottom Line- How to Get into Ketosis

Getting into ketosis is only possible if you strictly follow the dietary requirements.

However, the process may take longer in some instances due to ineffective diet plans.

It could also be a result of undetected complications.

However, you can accelerate the process of getting into ketosis.

Just make sure that you monitor the symptoms or use a tester to determine the levels of ketones.



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